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I'm an Independent digital creative

I used to run a design firm, now I do freelance design,
web development, training, and instruction

Simply put I wanted to get back to my passion, design, development, and education. So, someone else runs the business and that  allows me to share my passion for design, development, and education to clients and students.

I only succeed when you're succeeding

These services will absolutely increase your sales opportunities

Website Maintenace

  • I maintain several web sites every month to minimize attacks and vulnerabilities
  • I manage and can move WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla websites
  • I update website content for my clients if needed

Design & Development

  • I design & build websites from full cms (WordPress) to basic html (GRAV)
  • I design print materials such as magazine ads, brochures, catalogs, banners, annual reports, etc.
  • I design interactive visuals, app screens, presentations, social media headers and ads, etc.
  • I provide customized application/responsive design and development

Branding & Marketing

  • I design logos, brands, and identities for companies, products and/or services
  • I design marketing materials such as shirts, cups, labels, ads, billboards, video screens, etc.
  • I've helped many clients understand where to spend marketing dollars for maximum impact
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O'Brien Design

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Phone:   (801) 210-1575
Email:  obrndsgn@gmail.com